Best practices

What our customers say about us

Building bridges, internally and externally

The reinforcement of metal constructions by welding is the core business of Mercon Montage B.V. This robust work is carried out by experienced employees.

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Innovative approach with personal touch

The Gom Academy's revamped course has been launched. Reactions have been enthusiastic. What makes this course so special?

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A pleasant to work with team

In a high-tech company where high accuracy and quality are paramount, it is important that the employees are able to develop and demonstrate their talent and quality.

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No woolly talk

The purification of waste water is one of the core tasks of Waterschap De Dommel. This also includes maintenance of the installations. "The operational staff in particular have often been with us for some time." These executive colleagues often find it difficult to develop along with the rest of the organisation.

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Everybody participates!

Cosun employs 650 people, all of whom are trained by FairField coaches. From the director to the staff on the shop floor and all the people in between. everyone puts their shoulders to the organisation's interests.

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Good cooperation and a positive atmosphere

While the recent introduction of a middle management seemed promising, it was not yet a success. That changed when, in consultation with the management team, she introduced Fair Field coaches on the shop floor. Thanks to the efforts of Heinz Kraft and Fair Field, there is now a positive atmosphere, absenteeism is drastically lower, management is better able to focus on its tasks and the factory runs better.

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Learning to communicate better for even better results

For team leader Irma van den Bergh of Vebego Cleaning Service and her colleagues, it was important to learn to communicate even better. Fair Field's training resulted in more calm at work, more solution-focused work and thanks to more effective conversations, it is a nicer job.

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Better communication and a good working atmosphere

Barry Freijzer was promoted from foreman to special devices supervisor at Mammoet in Breda in 2021. With new responsibilities, it was good to hone his communication skills. Fair Field helped him do so with effective on-the-job training.

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