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What we do

FairField develops sustainable leadership in operations managers.

A strong operations manager has much effect on atmosphere, motivation, cooperation, quality and quantity. There is a direct link there with absenteeism and employee turnover. We achieve hard results in leadership development because we know how operational managers think and act. Thus, with our programmes, we cause a lasting effect.

Continuously improved performance, of both employee and company

Our training courses are part of a process where our client determines the objectives and we help to achieve them. We develop operational staff and operational managers.​

Our passion

"Developing and training operational managers"

Performance training

How do I increase the performance of my employees?

Performance training is characterized by a strong emphasis on the development of attitude and behaviour. A different attitude towards work and colleagues is a prerequisite for achieving better work performance. A positive basic attitude is a prerequisite for developing skills".

Trainings for the workplace

Operational staff increasingly make the difference towards customers, colleagues and management.​

We cannot accept the fact that insufficient attention is paid to operational staff and their supervisors. They make the difference for companies and organisations on a daily basis. You have to invest in that. Makes sense, doesn't it?​

Your own academy

Your own academy? Right in 2024!

For a sizable organization, considering a company academy is definitely worthwhile. An academy provides added value in several areas. The underlying question is: how can I make an accademy succesful?​

Are you looking for performance improvement?

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The NRTO quality mark shows that we meet high quality standards in terms of training, service and dealing with our clients. We enjoy our work!