Better communication and a good working atmosphere

Barry Freijzer was promoted in 2021 from foreman to supervisor special devices at Mammoet in Breda. With new responsibilities, it was good to sharpen his communication skills. Fair Field helped him do so with effective on-the-job training.

At the Special Devices business unit of the lifting and transport specialist, Barry is responsible for ensuring smooth operations. He manages employees, has contact with customers, does the necessary paperwork. "And on small projects, I stand in to tinker with them myself," he gives an insight into his work.

He leads groups ranging from 3 to 35 employees. For them to do their work as effectively and well as possible, good communication is essential. His communication skills an sich were already good, Barry knows. "Otherwise you don't get the job. But there is always room for improvement."

Conflict situations

A trainer from Fair Field worked with him. Also to improve skills on which he was still a bit lacking. "For example, I was struggling with conflict situations. How do you deal with that?", says Barry about his sessions with the Fair Field trainer. "It was a lot of talking. I learned how to solve situations."

The latter is important, Barry knows only too well. "We are a relatively small department. If you say something about something, you are soon the bitten dog. And next week you have to do another job together."

Thanks in part to Fair Field training, he now has less trouble saying what it stands for, when needed. "I know what I stand for and what the company stands for. I say when something is not going quite right and why not. That's easier for me. The trainings have given me a lot of self-affirmation. I know better now: this is who I am. I needed that. It gives me a lot of peace in my work."

Pleasant interaction

Moreover, it has improved the working atmosphere, Barry states. "Dealing with some people has become more pleasant. I get told by people that they want to do a job with me on site because I can arrange everything well. Also, operators and foremen said, 'It's absolutely right that they gave you that job'."

For sustainable training results, his trainer gave him handles. That was wasted on Barry. As it was for the whole training programme, by the way. "I like communication, so I was keen to learn from the training sessions," he says.


"I made tests, filled in questionnaires. From that it became clear: you communicate that way and then this can become your pitfall. That was exactly right. I started paying better attention to it, I am more aware of it. I can now avoid these pitfalls better. That's how I got a lot of self-affirmation."

Although Fair Field's trainings are purely work-related, Barry also benefits from them privately. "I notice that very well. For instance, when something had to be done to my house, I easily say: I don't want it like this, but like this. I can indicate better how I want or don't want something. I benefit a lot from that."