A pleasant to work with team

In a high-tech company where high accuracy and quality are paramount, it is important that the employees are able to develop and demonstrate their talent and quality. At Xycarb, the managers sometimes have been around for some time. It is important to pay regular attention to their development and to give them the opportunity to do so. Hanneke Croonenberg, the HR manager takes care of her colleagues and looks for methods to support them in this.

"When Bart called [FairField], we were just mapping out the needs of our executives. The three core values 'innovation, customer focus and cooperation' and facilitating this as a manager were important in this respect. Bart's story about FairField's approach was a perfect match for our needs. FairField knows that behavioural change takes time and effort. The meeting with the head of the department was pleasant and after that the ball started to roll."

More effective discussions
A group of 12 employees was started just after the summer in 2018. Soon, the second group of 6 will start. Group leaders are also taking part. Everyone gets an individual interview with a FairField coach and then learns in a training course how to in a different way Be able to start the conversation. Giving feedback, listening, summarising, asking questions, time management. Just a few components that colleagues from the thermochemical department and the mechanical processing department have to work with. FairField knows that these people cannot simply be away from their workplace for hours at a time and they adjust the programme accordingly.

Coaching leadership
To have a pleasant working team, a fine leadership style is essential. Many people have grown into managers internally, even though that was not their original ambition, and can therefore use support. They also manage employees who have grown up financially and then need the skill to keep motivating and developing their employees in a different way. The step towards coaching management, letting go and letting someone else do it, is quite difficult, but very important to let colleagues take their own responsibility.

"It takes some time before our employees are consciously competent in conversation. FairField monitors this process and continues to coach until it is unconsciously competent. Then it goes without saying. This long-term commitment of FairField is successful, and appealed to us very much."

Long-term vision
Xycarb delivers high-quality products, while investing in its managers and employees. The two will reinforce each other. Bart Godding confirms this: "We actively watch along to ensure that the managers actually apply their learned techniques, we adjust where necessary."

Hanneke Croonenberg, HR manager
Schunk Xycarb Technology