Hospitality in health care (dutch version)

Hospitals and other care institutions are breaking their heads
about how to teach their employees more hospitable behaviour.

The guest-oriented and self-confident care employee

Hospitality experience is important, especially in the healthcare sector. Managers and MTs in healthcare know the value of hospitality.

Find it out yourself

During meetings a lot of time is spent on what hospitable behaviour should look like within one's own organisation. And the great thing is, actually, the employees can think that up much better themselves. This is how it turns out in practice. The employee himself has an excellent and outspoken image of hospitality experience.

Moreover, it has a direct influence on the experience by behaving in a guest-oriented manner. The strength of employees' behaviour in combination with a self-confident approach is therefore very strong on the customer's hospitality experience.


Do your employees work from the heart?

"Smart behavior is everything you consciously choose to do or not to do. How you do it and what you do, together determine the experience". By choosing an approach that suits the situation and treating guests as the employee would like to be treated himself, the perception of the guest is positively influenced.
By adopting an approach that fits well with the situation and treating guests as the employee himself would want to be treated, the guest's experience is influenced positively.

Make sure your employee chooses the behaviour smartly and deploys it effectively. With hospitality you work from your heart (and a bit from your head). Make sure the employees offer your guest sincere attention, comfort and safety.

Golden rules of conduct

To ensure that everyone in the company is hospitable to the customer in the same way, it is advisable to agree hospitable rules of conduct. Not too narrow, because what a cleaning employee shows should also suit the employee himself.

Authenticity comes first. It is important that all employees within the company are aware of these rules of conduct and adhere to them.