Motivate employees from different cultures

It is up to you as coach to solve problems between the employees.

Almost everyone works with colleagues who have a different cultural background

Moroccans, Antilleans, Belgians, Poles, Frisians, Limburgers and so many different cultures can still be found on the Dutch work floor. These cultures can sometimes lead to friction. It is up to you as a coach to solve problems between employees and to make sure that all employees remain motivated.

Manager becomes Coach!

Leading through coaching rather than the old-fashioned 'managing' proves to work much better, in a workplace with employees from different cultural backgrounds, this is perhaps even more important.
As a coach, take a look at the views of your employees from their perspective, step into the shoes of your employee and discover why they look at certain things differently.

Avoid 'yes but 'discussion

In order to avoid problems that are related to the cultural background of the persons involved, it is important to make clear agreements that are strictly enforced. Otherwise you run the risk of getting bogged down in 'Yes but' discussions. Make clear agreements so that lengthy discussions become impossible. A code of conduct can help here, hand it over to every employee on day one.

"Doesn't your company have a code of conduct? Then set it up for your own department!"

Be creative!

Collaborating with immigrant employees is an excellent opportunity to break through the daily grind and gain new experiences. We advise managers to see working with immigrants as a challenge in which you can finally use all your creativity!