Building bridges, internally and externally

The reinforcement of metal constructions by welding is the core business of Mercon Montage B.V. This robust work is carried out by experienced employees. It is tradition and ambition within Mercon to strive for connection and change. With this vision in mind, Simone Beerepoot went looking for parties who could support him in this.

Development is in Simone's blood with individual colleagues and their executives. Such a path takes about a year. The steps in this path are custom made. A role is determined for everyone, in addition to the function he has. I map the role, and make a gap analysis, what else does someone need to grow in his r0l?

"I set out development paths with individual colleagues and their supervisors. Such a path takes about a year. The steps in this path are tailor-made. A role is defined for everyone, in addition to the function they have. I map the role, and make a gap analysis, what does someone still need to grow in their role?

I then set to work To find out for all employees which training courses fit their learning needs. Which party do I choose, what time frame is sufficient? I list the focal points, look at the content but also make sure it is logistically correct; how long does the training last, how often does an employee have to move from his spot, does it fit?

In FairField, I found the party that matched our performers at Mercon. These are mainly lbo- and mbo-ers and they require their own approach. FairField has experience in engaging, training and working with this group on the shop floor. With humour and enthusiasm they motivate the employees and usually maintain the motivation during the training sessions.

At the Kick-off, Jack de Waard went in conversation with implementers. He took these colleagues into his story, told them about concrete cases and how they can start working smarter and more efficiently. His authentic way of doing things gives confidence to Mercon, but also to the participants. Beforehand, some were a bit sceptical but after the 'talk' they were keen!

The training sessions have yet to start but we have full confidence in them. We assume that our people will be more comfortable in their roles after these training sessions. They feel better, make different choices and do their job more pleasant. Building bridges, internally and externally. That will give results, for the people themselves, for the colleagues and also for Mercon.

It is my job to manage these developments. Business processes are improving. It starts with the customer request, and ends with satisfied customers. That's what we all work towards. If my colleagues have more fun in their work, I am satisfied. Work will only become more fun this way!"

Simone Beerepoot
MT-lid at Mercon