about us

FairField is the specialist in the field of education and training for operational staff and operational managers.

Our approach has proven to be successful. We develop tailor-made programs that result in proven growth for 90% of our participants. Practical work is always our starting point, our communication is understandable and focused on the participants. We are committed to ensuring that the workforce and their direct supervisors get the best out of themselves, we are happy to tell you all about it.

Onze opdrachtgevers variëren in omvang van 100 tot 1000-en medewerkers. Met name in de facilitaire dienstverlening, logistiek, techniek en industrie.

Our clients businesses vary in size from 100 to 1000 plus employees, particularly in facility services, logistics, engineering and industry sectors.

Our core values

The "why" behind FairField

FairField has been operating since May 1st 2005.

Bart Godding and Jack de Waard are the core of a team of passionate trainers and coaches. With their commitment, experience and passion they ensure that their clients start moving. Their approach is to-the-point, result-oriented, respectful to all involved and very successful. They help organizations to get moving, deploy employees sustainably and thus increase the operational result. They also make themselves superfluous within a short while: they bring experiences that last.

The FairField Team

Bart Godding
Jack de Waard
Director Creative Development 06-53250820
Olga Kuiper
Associate Partner 06-51495367
Laura van Logten
Office Manager 06-51902618
Kees Traas
Associate Partner 06-13329005
Annemiek Voss
Associate Partner 06-55895943
Josine de Witte
Project Coordinator 06-83717707