No woolly talk

The purification of waste water is one of the core tasks of Waterschap De Dommel. This also includes maintenance of the installations. "The operational staff in particular have often been with us for some time." These executive colleagues often find it difficult to develop along with the rest of the organisation. Rex Verkaik, HR advisor at the Waterboard, got in touch with FairField via LinkedIn and was pleasantly surprised by the approach.

"Not many agencies focus on the operationthe executives within companies. FairField does. 35 employees - we are mainly talking about mechanics - talk 1-for-1 with a FairField colleague to find out where the learning needs are. Their manager wants to guide his people well and chooses to be present at all conversations. FairField then develops a customised programme. It's nice to know FairField doesn't take its training off the shelf."

The motivation of this group of executive employees is sometimes a bit lost. Ze hadden vooral het gevoel dat de organisatie bepaalt wat ze moeten doen. En dat ze maar moeten volgen. Waterschap De Dommel daagt collega’s uit om hun eigen professionaliteit in te brengen. We faciliteren ze o.a. in het positief assertiever worden, bij het aanspreken van hun collega’s op een effectieve manier. Dit alles met het doel om de lol in het werk nog verder te vergroten. Als je je goed voelt op je werkplek, ben je fitter, scherper en gemotiveerder. En dat komt het werk ten goede.

"FairField has shown that she speaks the language of our employees. Geen wollige managementpraatjes. Onze collega’s gaan kijken naar wat ze graag willen ontwikkelen en leren hoe je anders met elkaar om kunt gaan. Ook de manager krijgt ondersteuning. Hij wil zich graag ontwikkelen in coaching en vindt het belangrijk om een direct lijntje te hebben met zijn collega’s. Gesprekken, coaching, training, best een intensief traject maar ik heb alle vertrouwen in de aanpak en het resultaat.

Our colleagues are going to feel even more responsible for what they doWe're in the early stages of this process. The employees have completed an online questionnaire, on the basis of which conversations are now being held with all of them, so there will be another training period. In the end, this group of people will be firmer in their shoes, they will increase the pleasure in their work. And then they are also prepared to look into the organisation where things can be done differently, to be open for the future. Motivated people pay better attention to the proper maintenance of the installations"

Rex Verkaik, HR department
Waterboard De Domme